Demystifying ESG | InnoAgora Talks (Hybrid Event)

The Hellenic Development Bank-HDB, the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Enterprise Europe Network are organising a hybrid event, with a physical presence at the Constantinos Michalos Entrepreneurship Center (Amerikis 8, Athens) or online via Teams entitled: “ESG criteria utilization by small and medium-sized enterprises”, on Monday 16 May at 15.00. A panel of experienced executives from Ernst & Young Greece, the National Documentation Center and the Greek consulting company ResNovae specialised in ESG, will guide you on how to create your strategy based on environmental, social and corporate governance criteria, their degree of importance, and how we can measure them.

Triple-A partners from NTUA, Chara Karakosta and Philip Mexis were invited to participated to the event by Triple-A Greek stakeholder, Dr. Nikolaos Kakogiannis, Founder and General Manager of ABEC LP and ResNovae LP.

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