With the aim of providing National Energy market in Oman with the specific needed energy management services and qualified personnel in order to meet the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan objectives through the better integration and implementation of Energy Efficiency projects and technologies as well as Reducing Energy Costs in the industrial sector, PECO ENERGY in cooperation with The Innovision Engineering Consultancy, are co-hosting an online WORKSHOP entitled ENERGY EFFICIENCY PERSPECTIVES FOR THE ENERGY TRANSITION IN OMAN: Opportunities and Economic Benefits of Effective Energy Audits, Measurement and Verification (M&V), IPMVP and Energy Management Practices” scheduled on Tuesday 4th Mai 2021.

The workshop gathered more than 70 participants representing the Industrial fabric, mainly national institutions, industrial companies from different branches of activity, energy service companies and manufacturers; with the aim of informing and raising awareness on energy efficiency programs for industrials sector and sensitize on the challenges of improving the energy performance of industrial facilities as a tool to improving competitiveness by reviewing and assessing the costs through the guaranteed savings generated by energy efficiency improvements.

Triple-A Advisory Board Member, Alice Corovessi (INZEB) participated in the meeting further promoting Triple-A advances, methodology and Tools through a dedicated presentation with the title “EU experience and how EU is progressing in terms of EE towards Carbon Neutrality to ensure successful energy transition”. The presentation could be downloaded here.