Date: 14 April 2022

The 2nd SMAFIN National Roundtable in Greece will be organised on the 14th April 2022 focusing on the topic of how to support the implementation of smart financing for energy efficient building in Greece. Triple-A coordinator, Dr. Chara Karakosta (NTUA), will represent Triple-A and participate as panelist in the session “Taxonomy”, further promoting Triple-A Tools and results from the Assess step with regards to the EU Taxonomy compliance of the energy efficiency project ideas. Mr. Kostas Pavlou (PB), Triple-A partner, will participate also as panelist in the same roundtable in order to analyse important aspects of the EU Taxonomy. Mr. Yannis Konsolas (Triple-A partner, PB) will also participate in the session “Financing energy efficiency in residential buildings” presenting “Financial tools for energy upgrading homes”.

Find the Agenda in Greek here.

Stay tuned for the event’s outcomes!