C-Track 50 Webinar: Long-Term Energy Planning for Carbon Neutrality in EU Cities and Regions

Representatives of Triple-A participated in the C-Track 50 Webinar "Long-Term Energy Planning for Carbon Neutrality in EU Cities and Regions" which took place on the 18th of December 2019.

The goal of C-Track 50 project is to support local governments in long term energy and climate planning. C-Track 50 aims to mobilise, guide and support public authorities in developing, financing and implementing ambitious integrated sustainable energy and climate policy action plans (SECAP). To date C-track 50 has supported more than 116 SECAPs and developed more than 105 funding proposals for implementing sustainable energy and climate actions/projects.

This webinar included updates on the recent EU and global energy and climate policy and showcased valuable sustainable energy projects, new tools and best practices in energy and climate plans to achieve carbon neutrality.

Chara Karakosta (NTUA) participated in the webinar and explored potential synergies of Triple-A and C-Track 50.